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"From the entire team...THANK YOU! Your team there at Back Bay Events Center was absolutely a joy to work with. Always saying 'yes' to our every request. Admittedly, I dread going to the East for that very reason...It's been my experience that the first reply is 'no' and after bantering back and forth...we get the job done...It was so great not to do that and to meet a team that not only did their job well but seemed to enjoy their jobs...It certainly was reflected in everyone's personalities there.


I would highly recommend your venue for other programs!"

- D. Abers, ITA Group



"Just a quick note to thank you and your incredible colleagues for a job well done on the 20th for the ASC Gala in the DQ. Everything came together beautifully, more than I could have hoped. Really, I couldn't have been more pleased, and I can be a pretty tough customer."

- A.Sutton, ASC Gala



"Wanted to follow up and let you know that Boston Ballet School's Spring Showcase was a big hit at the John Hancock Hall. Many comments from the BB staff about how professional, helpful, and accommodating the [Back Bay Events Center] crew and staff were across the board. In addition, we received such positive feedback from parents and students that we wondered if we could put the Hall on hold for next year's show."

- E. Benjes, Boston Ballet